11.30.2016.Syria talks to be held in Paris on December 10. for a political solution.

Syria talks to be held in Paris on December 10 

 November 30, 2016,

The representatives of European countries, Arab states and the US will take part in the meeting 

On December 10, Paris will host a meeting of representatives from European countries, Arab states and the US," Ayrault said after the cabinet’s meeting at the Elysee Palace, noting the talks would focus “on the search for a political solution to the Syria conflict."

“The world community needs to respond to the tragedy happening in front of our eyes," the French foreign minister said without detailing the level of the talks and names of representatives.

The list of invitees for Dec. 10—the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan—reflect that Ayrault is acting as an accomplice of the terrorist groups in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria that have been waging war against the Syrian government. Those groups have been directly supported by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, while the United States, France and Britain are supporters of regime change in Syria.

Ayrault first announced on Nov. 23 his intention to hold a meeting such as that now set for Dec. 10. At the time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Ayrault’s initiative would hinder the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions, particularly with regard to restarting Syrian-Syrian talks. He had indicated that the Western countries were supporting the “opposition" groups by all possible means and directing false charges to the Syrian Government without depending on any information or evidence in a way that would hinder the implementation of the resolutions of the Syria Support Group “SSG" and the Security Council.





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