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 克宮稱美國務卿克里在敘利亞問題上採取著難以想象的積極努力 © Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev

政治 17:17 2016年11月28日

衛星新聞莫斯科11月28日電 俄總統助理尤里·烏沙科夫表示,克宮認為美國務卿約翰·克里正就敘利亞問題採取難以想象積極努力,美國務卿與俄外長還從未就同一個問題進行過如此頻繁的接觸。


俄總統助理:暫未與美有特別接觸 俄在等待美新團隊 烏沙科夫說:“可以說這是難以想象的努力,因為從來沒有過如此頻繁的電話接觸,而主題之有一個,就是敘利亞。” 烏沙科夫指出:“如果你們問他正在採取怎樣的努力,他採取著非常積極的努力。





1 Thessalonians 5:2-3Amplified Bible (AMP)

For you yourselves know perfectly well that the day of the [return of the] Lord is coming just as a thief [comes unexpectedly and suddenly] in the night. While they are saying, “Peace and safety [all is well and secure!]” then [in a moment unforeseen] destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains on a woman with child, and they will absolutely not escape [for there will be no way to escape the judgment of the Lord].

更多: http://big5.sputniknews.cn/politics/201611281021270404/

耶穌,信耶穌是耶和華成肉身,為拯救罪人代死在十字架上,第叄天復活、升天; 他是人類唯一之救主,天地之主宰,獨一之真神 。信審判 信主耶穌必於世界末日,從天降臨,審判萬民;義人得永生,惡人受永刑

賽亞書 24:13 在地上的萬民中,必像打過的橄欖樹,又像已摘的葡萄所剩無幾。賽19:1預示埃及之禍亂19 論埃及的默示。看哪,耶和華乘駕快雲,臨到埃及。信審判 信主耶穌必於世界末日,從天降臨,審判萬民;義人得永生,惡人受永刑。太8 這都是災難的起頭。24 看哪,耶和華使地空虛,變為荒涼;又翻轉大地,將居民分散。 6 地上的居民被火焚燒,剩下的人稀少

14 耶和華的大日臨近,臨近而且甚快。乃是耶和華日子的風聲,勇士必痛痛的哭號。 15 那日是憤怒的日子,是急難困苦的日子,是荒廢淒涼的日子,是黑暗、幽冥、密雲、烏黑的日子, 16 是吹角呐喊的日子,要攻擊堅固城和高大的城樓。17 「我必使災禍臨到人身上,使他們行走如同瞎眼的,因為得罪了我。他們的血必倒出如灰塵,他們的肉必拋棄如糞土。」 18 當耶和華發怒的日子,他們的金銀不能救他們。他的憤怒如火,必燒滅全地,毀滅這地的一切居民,而且大大毀滅

西番雅書 1Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)

The Great Day of the Lord.

耶和華說:「我必從地上除滅萬類。 我必除滅人和牲畜,與空中的鳥、海裡的魚,以及絆腳石和惡人。我必將人從地上剪除。」這是耶和華說的。

以賽亞書 19Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)


19 埃及的默示。

看哪,耶和華乘駕快雲,臨到埃及埃及的偶像在他面前戰兢,埃及人的心在裡面消化。 「我必激動埃及人攻擊埃及人,弟兄攻擊弟兄,鄰舍攻擊鄰舍,這城攻擊那城,這國攻擊那國 埃及人的心神必在裡面耗盡,我必敗壞他們的謀略,他們必求問偶像和念咒的、交鬼的、行巫術的。 我必將埃及人交在殘忍主的手中,強暴王必轄制他們。」這是主萬軍之耶和華說的。

帖撒羅尼迦前書 5:2-3Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)

因為你們自己明明曉得,主的日子來到好像夜間的賊一樣。 人正說平安穩妥的時候,災禍忽然臨到他們,如同產難臨到懷胎的婦人一樣,他們絕不能逃脫

彼得後書 3:10Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)

10 但主的日子要像賊來到一樣。那日,天必大有響聲廢去,有形質的都要被烈火銷化,地和其上的物都要燒盡了

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1 Thessalonians 5:2-3Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

For you yourselves know perfectly well that the day of the [return of the] Lord will come [as unexpectedly and suddenly] as a thief in the night.

3 For when they say, All is well and secureand, There is peace and safety, then in a moment unforeseen destruction (ruin and death) will come upon them as suddenly as labor pains come upon a woman with child; and they shall by no means escape, for there will be no escape.


Kerry making ‘unbelievable effort’ to save Syrian rebels from Trump, Russia confirms

© Khalil Ashawi

US Secretary of State John Kerry has significantly intensified contacts with Russia on Syria, the Kremlin has confirmed, substantiating a report that Kerry wants to seal a deal with Moscow before Donald Trump assumes the US presidency in January.

The report by Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin says Kerry is making a last-ditch effort to stop the Syrian operation in eastern Aleppo, because the Trump administration may end up being “squarely on the side of dictator [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad.

Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov confirmed that Kerry has intensified contacts with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, to discuss the situation in Syria as of late.

“This [effort] could be called unbelievable, in terms that there have never been so many phone calls between the Secretary of State and Russia’s FM which were focused on discussing a single issue – Syria,” he told journalists. Ushakov refrained from commenting on whether there was had been any progress.

According to the Post piece, which cites four unnamed US officials with the knowledge of the situation, Kerry hopes to secure a localized ceasefire in Aleppo by offering to separate members of the so-called moderate opposition from terrorist groups like Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front). The report says that Kerry has brought in other nations, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and, at times, Iran, in a bid to seal the deal.

“Officials acknowledge that a frustrated Kerry still has not been given authority by the White House to bring any meaningful pressure to bear against Assad or Russia, placing him in a weak negotiating position. The prospect of Hillary Clinton being elected president gave Kerry some leverage, because she was expected to pursue a more hawkish Syria policy, Rogin wrote.

READ MORE: Trump administration will hopefully separate terrorists from moderates – Syrian opposition rep to RT

A ceasefire in Aleppo on Kerry’s terms may be hard to sell, as Russia insists that the US’ failure to separate moderates from the terrorists, which was a key point in the truce agreement negotiated by Moscow and Washington in September, was the reason that the ceasefire collapsed in the first place.

The Syrian government’s operation to retake eastern Aleppo from armed groups also appears to be progressing, with the latest reports saying that the militants have lost a third of their territory to the advancing army. Stopping the siege now could give those fighters time to regroup, rearm, and mount a counteroffensive.

Moscow appears to be reluctant to strike any significant deal with the outgoing administration and is waiting for the Trump administration to take power.

We will patiently wait for that team to take their seats and then we are interested in having intensive dialogue with them,” Ushakov said.




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