10.19.2016.French president discusses Aleppo truce, Mosul offensive at defense council.

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French president discusses Aleppo truce, Mosul offensive at defense council


Source: Xinhua   2016-10-19 20:45:01


以賽亞書 17Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)預示大馬士革必被廢棄
17 論大馬士革的默示。「看哪,大馬士革已被廢棄,不再為城,必變做亂堆。 2 亞羅珥的城邑已被撇棄,必成為牧羊之處,羊在那裡躺臥,無人驚嚇。 3 以法蓮不再有保障,大馬士革不再有國權,亞蘭所剩下的必像以色列人的榮耀消滅一樣。」這是萬軍之耶和華說的。

23 論大馬士革。「哈馬和亞珥拔蒙羞,因他們聽見凶惡的信息就消化了。海上有憂愁,不得平靜。 24 大馬士革發軟,轉身逃跑。戰兢將她捉住,痛苦憂愁將她抓住如產難的婦人一樣。 25 我所喜樂、可稱讚的城,為何被撇棄了呢? 26 她的少年人必仆倒在街上,當那日一切兵丁必默默無聲。」這是萬軍之耶和華說的。 27 「我必在大馬士革城中使火著起,燒滅便哈達的宮殿。」

PARIS, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) — French President Francois Hollande chaired a defense council meeting in which he discussed the truce in northern Syrian city of Aleppo and the military offensive to retake Mosul in Iraq, his office said on Wednesday.

The security meeting “focused on the situation in Syria, mainly in Aleppo," the statement said.

The Aleppo ceasefire must be followed up to maintain a lasting truce and end the conflict, it added, noting that the challenge will be civilians’ access to humanitarian aid.

Speaking about the international coalition offensive against Islamic State in its Iraqi bastion of Mosul, Hollande said “France intends to prepare from now for the period which will start after the military operation."

Looking to the domestic security situation, the French president focused on judicial follow-up of French citizens who joined insurgents in Syria and Iraq and want to return home.





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