Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field Discovered,Magnetic-Shield Cracks Found; Big Solar Storms Expected,Giant plasma tubes found in SPACE: Huge structures spotted circling Earth filled with charged particles from the sun,

Artist’s impression of 55 Cancri e (close-up)IMF5

The Apocalyptic geomagnetic storms disrupting the earth’s core and crust, annihilating the land of the earth by super volcanoes and mega-thrust earthquakes and mega tsunamis sweeping across the globe, a sudden global apocalyptic and catastrophic cataclysm, ripping split open the earth just as Egypt’s all-out civil war suddenly breaks out, the inhabitants of the earth are burned, few men left, few chosen, mankind and wildlife suddenly and utterly consumed by fervent heat of Jesus’ fierce anger, which is the fervent heat of magnetic reconnection of earth’s magnetopause and mega solar superstorms, the most extreme apocalyptic solar space weather event at the earth’s near-space environment, suddenly and utterly incinerating and burning away all life on the entire surface of the earth all at once and all at the same time, energy released equivalent to a billion Tsar hydrogen bombs suddenly detonated all at once and all at the same time all over the earth’s skies, a global scale flaming fire suddenly and utterly engulfing all over the planet earth, suddenly and utterly consuming the human race and wildlife all at once and all the same time, plunging the planet earth into an ice age with super volcanic winter, deadly radiation contaminating all over the planet earth, toxic and black and thick super volcanic ashes and clouds covering and engulfing all over the planet earth, barren and desolate, the apocalyptic planet earth of scorched and parched deserts and permafrost, human souls thrown into Sheol and the lake of fire being burned for eternity, all turned eternal living corpses that always and still feel excruciating physical pain when being burned for eternity in Sheol and the lake of fire, eternal living corpses weeping and crying and screaming in great horror and in agony pain, no way out, the second death. The eternal death.


The earth’s magnetic field is turbulent, weakening 10 times faster than previously thought, having been dropping to near zero, the north pole rapidly drifting towards Asia, due to open solar magnetic field lines having been stretching out of the coronal holes of the sun, having been coming to the earth’s magnetosphere, having been latching upon the earth’s magnetosphere, just like a deadly octopus’ tentacles wrapping around tightly its prey, having been tearing huge cracks in the earth’s magnetosphere, having been creating giant plasma tubes covering all over and through the earth’s atmosphere, having been allowing enormous solar plasma to leak into the earth’s biosphere and atmosphere, resulting in producing the apocalyptic killer solar flares of sudden magnetic reconnection of Earth’s lower atmosphere and Earth’s magnetopause at the exact moment Egypt’s all-out civil war suddenly breaks out, the fervent heat of killer solar flares suddenly consuming the whole human race and wildlife and the works that are upon the face of the whole earth and the fish of the sea of the whole earth all at once, the energy being released equivalent to a billion atomic bombs detonated all at once suddenly in Earth’s lower atmosphere, a day of devastation and desolation, the Day of the Lord, the fervent heat of Jesus’ fierce anger on Doomsday, the inhabitants of the earth burned, few men left, their souls all turned eternal living corpses that always feel excruciatingly physical pain when being burned for eternity in the lake of fire, their souls being thrown into Hades on Doomsday and being burned for 1000 years there in Hades, and then being thrown into the lake of fire being burned for eternity at the end of the 1000-year messianic kingdom after the White Throne Judgment.


This artist’s impression shows the exoplanet 55 Cancri e as close-up. Due to its proximity to its parent star, the temperatures on the surface of the planet are thought to reach about 2000 degrees Celsius. Scientists were able to analyze the atmosphere of 55 Cancri e. It was the first time this was possible for a super-Earth exoplanet.


彼得後書 3:10Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)10 但主的日子要像賊來到一樣。那日,天必大有響聲廢去,有形質的都要被烈火銷化,地和其上的物都要燒盡了。

約珥書 2Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)

預言主日將臨萬民戰懼, The Day of the Lord,
2 「你們要在錫安吹角,在我聖山吹出大聲!國中的居民都要發顫,因為耶和華的日子將到,已經臨近。 2 那日是黑暗、幽冥、密雲、烏黑的日子,好像晨光鋪滿山嶺。

西番雅書 1Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)

The Great Day of the Lord,
2 耶和華說:「我必從地上除滅萬類。 3 我必除滅人和牲畜,與空中的鳥、海裡的魚,以及絆腳石和惡人。我必將人從地上剪除。」這是耶和華說的。 

14 耶和華的大日臨近,臨近而且甚快。乃是耶和華日子的風聲,勇士必痛痛的哭號。 15 那日是憤怒的日子,是急難困苦的日子,是荒廢淒涼的日子,是黑暗、幽冥、密雲、烏黑的日子, 

16 是吹角呐喊的日子,要攻擊堅固城和高大的城樓。 17 「我必使災禍臨到人身上,使他們行走如同瞎眼的,因為得罪了我。他們的血必倒出如灰塵,他們的肉必拋棄如糞土。」 

18 當耶和華發怒的日子,他們的金銀不能救他們。他的憤怒如火,必燒滅全地,毀滅這地的一切居民,而且大大毀滅。




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