Egypt enmities runs deep as crisis drags on, Solar storm August 2013 to become intense: Sun’s magnetic field set to FLIP

Solar storm August 2013 to become intense: Sun’s magnetic field set to FLIP

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Jeremiah 25:32-33, Good News Translation (GNT)

32 The Lord Almighty says that disaster is coming on one nation after another, and a great storm is gathering at the far ends of the earth.

33 On that day the bodies of those whom the Lord has killed will lie scattered from one end of the earth to the other. No one will mourn for them, and they will not be taken away and buried. They will lie on the ground like piles of manure.


The Sun’s Magnetic Field is about to Flip

Aug. 5, 2013

Science@NASA Headline News — 2013

Something big is happening on the sun. The sun’s global magnetic field is poised to reverse polarity, a sign that Solar Max has arrived.


NASA has said that solar storm August 2013 is set to become intense and Sun’s magnetic field set to FLIP

The sun’s magnetic field is all set to undergo a drastic flip due to a solar event called Solar Maximum that takes place once every 11 years. Though the change in the magnetic field that would remain in place for coming three to four months may not cause extreme changes but might lead to climatic changes, storms and disruption of satellites.

According to the scientists at the Stanford’s Wilcox Solar Observatory who have been studying the sun’s magnetic field since 1976,  during the phase of Solar Maximum, the Sun’s solar activity is at its highest and the subsequent outbursts of energy can be responsible for increase in the amount of cosmic and UV rays coming towards Earth.

“This may also interfere with the radio communications, lead to solar bursts of light – known as flares – and can affect the planet’s temperature,” said the scientists. The flip of the Sun’s magnetic fields that would reverse their polarity would take place before the end of 2013.

“This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system. The sun’s magnetic field reverses around every 11 years at the peak of each solar cycle. The last peak, or Solar Maximum, was in 2000 and NASA initially predicted the next flip would take place between 2011 and 2012,” added the group.

It may be recalled that a solar storm called Solar Superstorm, or Carrington Event after Richard C Carrington who recorded the event that took place in 1859 caused a number of solar flares flashing all over the Earth. In fact it was due to these flares that the Northern Lights, appearing in the Arctic and Antarctic regions were visible as far south as Rome.


But across Cairo, similar scenes have unfolded at other places of worship – a startling measure of the growing enmity many Egyptians feel towards Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.

“This is impossible. I can’t believe we arrived at this. May God save us," said one elderly man, observing the scene.

Egypt enmities runs deep as crisis drags on

By Tom Perry and Emad Omar

CAIRO | Thu Aug 8, 2013 10:13am EDT


April 6: The Brotherhood stifle any solution
Ahmed Maher charges that the Muslim Brotherhood refuse all compromises; warns of escalating public anger against them
Ahram Online, Saturday 10 Aug 2013


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