We’re all in the phase of the prelude of Doomsday, no more 3 or 4 months, Mid-Sept., Bright Star in Egypt. Let’s all besiege Doomsday.

  1. Since NASA tells it all, we’re all in the phase of the prelude of Doomsday now, no more 3 or 4 months. Mid-Sept., Bright Star in Egypt.

    InDefence@InDFence 6m @Ikhwanweb “When diplomacy ends, war begins”Adolf Hitler-Egypt presdency says diplomacy phase is over http://aje.me/1cv4s1n  RT-@Malangenis ISAIAH 19, ZEPHANIAH 1, JEREMIAH 25:15~34, of Doomsday. Before ECB takes over Europe and fully conducts in power, solar storms (the energy probably and fairly equivalent to 1 billion hydrogen bombs detonated all at once) is to attack the earth, putting a sudden end to the human civilization. The moment of Doomsday is the outbreak of all-out civil war in Egypt.
    No more Bible prophecies.
    Only Breaking news for the prelude of DOOMSDAY.
    Revelation 6 is for World War 3 and Earth’s Pole Shift.
    The events of ISAIAH 19, JEREMIAH 25:15~34, ZEPHANIAH 1, and REVELATION 6, take place almost at the same time, though just subtly, slightly chronologically.
    01 August 2013 10:08

    Let’s all treat Doomsday as the most invincible and formidable, the top predator.
    All the breaking news of the prelude of Doomsday serve as junior fighters. 
    All the junior fighters are gotta launch coordinated attack on the top predator, Doomsday. 
    Doomsday and junior fighters are at all-out war, ferociously intensifying towards the pinnacle; the moment of the final showdown has come, for we’re all in the Phase.


  2. News on Syria, Iran, bee colony collapse, mass animal death, sinkhole, volcano, can launch attack on Doomsday, with projectile weapons.

  3. News on SSM is for ambush, launching stealthy attack from behind Doomsday’s back, stabbing his back, bleeding bad into coma.

  4. News on Egypt and NASA are the top 1 & 2 fighters, so that both can take on Doomsday, at face-to-face combat, ferociously.




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