The Abyss. Mike and Jennifer and Jonathon.

The Abyss

The Abyss.

Mike, Jennifer, Jonathon,…, well-trained, experienced, extraordinary, outstanding,…, they’re all from the Abyss.

The Abyss is located in the Bottomless Pit. The Pit is just like a planet inside a planet. Honestly, the Pit is the most beautiful and grandest place inside the planet Z.

No one can get into the Pit, unless you’re one of them, members of the Abyss. Only those members have access to the Pit. 

Mike is the Venom & Jennifer is the Elixir.

It’s just a whole bunch of teenage assassins hanging around. An epic of love and hate, full of action-packed scenes. Be my guest. o.k.

hey, my writing is for fun. o.k. Just look at that coronal hole. I wanna write something for fun. I do no harm. I do no imply anything. o.k.

hey, i’m just writing for fun. o.k. just for fun. on the brink of Doomsday, i’m writing a young-adult novel. just for fun. o.k.

A shadow looming large stand firms in the way Mike is running, the shadow menacing. Mike gasps and stops, his palms suddenly go shining green, a sword instantly popping out of his palms, the flying sword twisting fast hovering over in the air, Mike’s eyes also turned green, a horrendous green containing death and fatality within. Mike himself and the sword is the venom.

The clouds getting thicker and thicker, so downcast, a teenage boy jumps down from a sudden opening of the gate in the sky, and stands on the boulder nearby, his eyes starring at Mike.

The shadow suddenly goes 3-D, bursting into a purple smog, thick like darkened blood, quickly encircling around Mike. Mike is besieged now. The teenage boy standing on the boulder nearby is outside the purple smog, still starring at Mike, just like Mike is his prey and he is ready to kill.

“Oh, baby, this is not good. I must take out 2.” Mike thinks.

All 3 are very extraordinary, experienced assassins, hot and young. They’re all from the Abyss.

The purple smog encircling around Mike shapes like a big fat doughnut, menacing.

Mike stands still in the middle of the big fat doughnut-like smog, his mouth slightly open emitting out abundance of tiny little green balls, all spreading. The deadly, venomous balls, though invincible and formidable, are all confined within the purple doughnut-like smog. The green balls is a buffer-zone cover, shielding Mike within, all green balls spinning around Mike. 

The tall teenage boy standing on the boulder stretches out his hands, with his palms flexed tight, circling slowly. A bright yellow light gradually appears reshaping into numberless arrows, deadly sharp, all floating still and ready to shoot dead Mike.

In the twinkling of an eye, all sharp arrows shoot out without hesitation. The speed is really really fast. Numberless of them, deadly sharp arrows. Just at that moment before the arrows touch Mike’s gorgeous skin, Mike, all of a sudden, turns vaporized, a big mass of green smog, though still confined within that big fat purple doughnut smog.

All the sharp yellow shining arrows simply miss their target. What a pity.

At the moment Mike turns vaporized, his green flying sword hovering over in the air dropped dead on the ground.

“Can we stop all this game?” “You guys know it’s just a fair tug of war. Jonathon, your arrows will never get me, and you know that.” Mike says, still being locked up in that purple doughnut prison.

“Get away from me, you little dirty purple bubble gum.”

“Shut up, I’m not a bubble gum. I’m the most beautiful elixir, Queen of the Purple Phoenix.” Jennifer shouts.

Now, we got 2 balls of smog, one green and the other purple, the green spiraling around and confined within the purple, the Venom and the Elixir at war.

While Mike and Jennifer’s war goes intensifying, trying to neutralize each other, Jonathon stands nearby, sighing, acting like he were an onlooker, but he stars at Mike, his eyes full of ferocity. He is determined to kill Mike. But, Jennifer is the only one that is immune from Mike’s venom on the planet. Just simply with one drop of venom, Mike would paralyze Jonathon, dying slowly and painfully in seizures.



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