Turks demonstrating to support Morsi in Istanbul, how sweet, fraternal LOVE.


Egypt 16 minutes ago

Protestors hold pictures of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and shout slogans during pro-Morsi rally after Friday prayer at Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

The demonstration was organized by Turkish NGO ‘The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief.


Egypt about an hour ago

Al Jazeera’s Sherine Tadros had these remarks on the Friday protests expected all over Egypt and the political deadlock the country is in:

Pro-Morsi protesters are certainly hoping for a huge show of support across the country. with various marches in many locations, focal points being Nahda Square in Giza, Nasr City. On the other side you have protests called for that are anti-Morsi – these do not necessarily have any particular demand but to show support for the process and the military that is backing this process.

With the Muslim Brotherhood saying any attempt for a negotiation must start with the precondition that Morsi is reinstated, ‘reversing the coup’ as they call it, it’s a political deadlock. We just heard from Adly Mansour, who said there is no going back, only going forward. That’s the message from the interim establishment. These two views are so intransigent, the fear is will there be more violence. The military issued a warning that they will allow peaceful protests but no road blocking and such. But with the Brotherhood’s joining the process not likely, where does that take the country?

Egypt about 2 hours ago

Egyptians have began to gather for protests in Cairo.
Nasr City, where Morsi supporters have been holding a sit-in, as well as al-Marg, Shoubra and Giza are all hosting demonstrations.

There will also be a protest in Helwan, just south of Cairo. 




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