Run to the Abyss.

It’s dark, wind howling with freezing coldness. Snow everywhere, spreading across the valley. The sky is darkened blood, so black and tense, clouds thick and downcast. Everything is idle.

Jumping down to the ground from a sudden opening of the gate in the sky, Jonathon knows he’s in danger, the wound he got bleeding bad. Though blood dripping to the ground, Jonathon is still moving fast, like a leopard running in the darkness chasing its prey, without making any sound. He’s hunting down his prey, someone vicious. And, he is determined to kill this someone. 

This someone is moving fast in invisible mode, bleeding even worse, blood trailing on the ground. Jonathan can see invisible things. His eyes are unique, a pair of devastating blue eyes, so breathtaking. But, it is not because his eye color that makes him see invisible things. It is because he is the chosen one. The one being chased by Jonathon is Mike, a prince of Sea Serpent. Sea serpents can conduct invisibility. Running fast in invisible mode, Mike is bleeding bad, his blood shining green. His blood is not invisible, trailing on the ground. Those two, Jonathon and Mike, are on their chasing game, both moving fast.

They both are young, hot, muscular, and gorgeous. They both are 17. Though young, they both are well-trained, experienced killer machines. 



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